I’ve performed at and hosted a wide range of comedy gigs, both nationally and internationally, and was a semi-finalist in the Gilded Balloon’s new comedian competition: So You Think You’re Funny? I’m also a BBC Sesh performer:

and was part of BBC Sesh’s Stand-Up Sesh on BBC One Wales.

I run my own nights, including curating and hosting a series of gigs named “Vs The World” in aid of Macmillan. These feature comedians from two nations performing stand-up in a bid to prove that their nation is the funniest. Previous niche nights I’ve created include Bad Hair Night – a night of comedy about hair.

Sometimes I mix comedy and science: during August 2018 I performed a half hour show as part of a special edition of Science Showoff at the Edinburgh Fringe. I’ve appeared as a guest on comedy science panel shows at the Cheltenham Science Festival and Bluedot Festival; and I’ve developed, written and hosted my own sold-out comedy science panel show: Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse. I help mentor academics in the ways of comedy as part of the Science Showoff Talent Factory.

I’ve written and performed stand-up as part of an online special of BBC Tomorrow’s World,  and I voice the character of Tanwen Ddraig (and previously The Red Dragon) in comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast: Chaotic Adequate. Look out for me co-hosting the forthcoming (highly unofficial) Time Team podcast, Chronology Crew, with Paul Duncan McGarrity.